Saturday, June 15, 2019

  Local Sage
When you visit the area you have to try the area's sage .
If you taste  it you will love it  the place  has a lot.


Local program Feast of the Holy Spirit June 15-17 June  2019 in Neapoli
Vatika !
We celebrate our city, celebrate all of us and have events!
On Saturday 15 June, the Cultural Association of Vatikas will present traditional dances in Neapoli Square!
On Sunday afternoon our members dressed in traditional costumes will celebrate and follow in the image of our city, which takes place every year with a devotion in a climate of special emotion, escorted by our excellent Philharmonic  and the visitors of our city !!
On Monday after the church the in the Holy Trinity  the Cultural Associations of Vatikas  will offer sweets to the world!

 The first Caretta Caretta nest .
 It took 10 attempts  all over the field of Monemvasia  to bring the firts  nest to St. Paul of the Velanidia the No 11
For the turtles marks  we informed from  a person of the area . 

We waiting for the turtle babies !