Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cafe Dodoni
Cafe -Ice Cream
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
27340 22456

Cafe Billinis
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
27340 22592



Ouzeri Mezedopolio
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
27340 29180


Ama Laxi
Kallenia Laxiou Neapoli Lakonia
 697 813 0687


Geysiplous -Γευσιπλους
Plaka -Neapoli Vion Lakonias
694 083 9587


Night Club
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
697 352 2215

Eripio Cocktail Bar
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 
2734 022047

 Maggiolino Cafe
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
27340 22669

The Roasters
Cafe Bar
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 136
2734 022337


Cocktail  Bar
Akti Vion Neapoli  Lakonias


Dermatis Restaurant Taverna
Local food  
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 
27340 22887

  Sotirakis Xaramis
Traditional Greek Musical Cafe
Cafe-Traditional Sweet- Mezedes
Akti vion Lakonias 

Moreas Restaurant
Neapoli Akti Vion Lakonias 200
27340 23845


The Limanaki
Fish Tavern and Local food
Neapoli vion Lakonias
27340 23992


Psistiri  Greek Souvlaki
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 152
27340 29100


Τraditional cafe
Akti Vion Lakonias


Μaistrali -Μαιστραλι
Akti Vion Lakonias
27340 23400

Ο Ναυτης -The sailor
Ouzeri -Mezedopolio 
Akti Vion Neapoli Lakonias 92

Tzivaeri Restauran
Fresh fish -And Local mezedes
Leoforos Vion Neapoli Lakonias
27340 22545

Tsipouradiko for 2
Akti Vion Lakonias 8
27340 22720

Ouzeri Manolitsis
Mezedopolio .
 Greek octapus and mezedes
Akti Vion Neapoli Lakonias 124
27340 22077

Friday, January 25, 2019

German Scale and Koulentianos Tower 

Iron ore (hematite) has been mined in Vatika since ancient times. Before World War II, the German company Gromman actively mined the area of Saint Elisai between Agia Anargyroi - Koulendianos Tower and Viglafia. The ore was weighed at the imposing scale before being loaded on ships. The area is now protected as part of the Lake Strongyli Natura 2000 site. The scale makes an interesting destination for a hike along the wild coastline.

Markos Rooms Vigklafia
Few metres from the beautiful beatch of Pounta and the ancient Greek underwater city of Pavlopetri.
Neapoli Lakonia Viglafia
27340 47646

Despina Papouli studios.
Three  beautiful small rooms ,80metres from the sea.The warm envirohment and the smile of the owner will make you feel like home.
Neapoli Lakonia Gorgopotamou 14
27340 22670 -6977162634

Neapoli Rooms -Xrisoula Tsoli
Ten metres from the sea with a unique view you in the Vatika Bay.
Neapoli Vion Lakonias
27340 23951 Email

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Villa Georgina
A Beautiful firts class accomodation ,near the sea.
Neapoli Lakonias -Plaka
27340  29029 6944511288
Email info

Psarommati Matina - Bungalows
Beautiful Bungalows only one breath   from the sea.
Kambos Vion Lakonias ,Neratzionas
69732 27 331 Email

Minogiannis Dimitris  Apartments
Three apartments in the center of Neapoli in the firts floor.
Neapoli Lakonias 23053
27340  22070

Liaros Panagiotis 'Voias Pansion '
The rooms are 5 minutes from the ferry for Elafonisos .
Viglafia Lakonias 27340 47022 6977275412

Elena Rooms .Only few metres from the sea .
Baso Aroni
Neapoli Lakonias 23053
27340 22530 6987121716

Drakaki Anastasia Studios 
Few kilometres from Neapoli
Kambos Vion Lakonias Neratzionas
27340  47735
6977928775 Email

Alexandra Studio
Rooms with Kitchen,fridge,air condition ,Tv.
Parking and playgraound
Neapoli Lakonias 2305327340-23374
6942562667 Email

Takis Hotel
A beautiful Hotel near the beach of Magano.
 St George Neapoli Lakonias ,Epidayrou Limira.
27340-47920 6942034487