Sunday, February 3, 2019

There are three pharmacies in Neapolis. On weekends, that is, Saturday afternoon and Sundays, one pharmacist is always on call. 

Maria Tsalavounta
Leoforos dimokratias 1 Neapoli Lakonias
Telephone: 27340 22322

Nikos Michelettos 
Telephone: 2734022989

Konstantinos Papoulis
27340 22265

Paleocastro Archeological site

The Byzantine-era archeological site of Paleocastro is located 1.5 km east of Neapolis along a dirt road. A breakwater has created a small harbor that is used by the ferry boat to Kythira in some weather conditions. It is a potential anchorage for pleasure boats. The settlement consists of several private homes and the small chapel of Agia Paraskevi. Just beyond the houses, Amitsa beach offers shallow waters that appeal to families with children.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Stasi Tis Geysis -H Σταση της Γευσης
Greek Souvlaki -Mezedopolio
Ag Apostoloi Vion Lakonias
27340 47041

Living Cafe
Akti Vion Lakonias
27340 23211

 Filosofos Snack
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 144
27340 22022

Oasi Pizza
Akti Vion Neapoli Lakonias
27340 22951

Friday, February 1, 2019

Ouzeri Mezedopolio

Akti Vion Lakonias 130
27340 23377


Greek Local Snacks -Cheese and Bougatsa
Neapoli Vion Lakonias 
27340 23950

Pounta Restaurant
Viglafia Lakonias

 27340 47793 27340 47013

Μentis Spiros Rooms
Viglafia Neapoli Lakonias

27340 47793  6972317633


Stathakis Snack Bar Cafe
Akti Vion Neapoli Lakonias

27340 22038